KZ Services

KZ Services a division of KZ Hotels

KZ Services: Real Estate

KZ Services provides residential and commercial services for buyers and sellers in the Winston-Salem/Triad, NC area. For up to date listings, please see our MLS Listings. Call 336-940-8243 for assistance. 

KZ Services: Accounting/Business Management Services/Talent Acquisition

KZ Services provides start-up business and accounting services for small business entrepreneurs who need help taking their business from sole proprietorship to incorporation.

Most of our clients do not need full-time staff coverage, however they need someone on hand when the need arises. At KZ Services, our in-house Office Manager answers phones with your business Greeting, schedules services, coordinates staffing, facilitates payroll, pays bills, and manages cash. To top it off, you receive customized financial reports with managerial accounting support. Consider us your accounting department with multi-facets of payroll, bookkeeping, HR, marketing and IT solutions.

    • Accounting & Financial Services
    • Human Resources – Hiring, Establish Benefits, Design handbook, Payroll Management
    • Job Estimating and Revenue Cost Reporting
    • Customer Communication with Estimates, new Job Procurement, Revenue Collections
    • Banking & Cash Management
    • New Business Set-up & Incorporation, Legal and Financial
    • Financial Budgeting & Reporting
    • Annual Tax Returns & All Applicable Reports
    • Business Insurance Management
    • Sales & Marketing Plan & Budget
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • Business Succession Planning
    • Debt Sourcing

Other Hospitality Services

We offer a full range of services designed to integrate with existing infrastructure

      • Operations Management and Controls
      • Sales & Marketing
      • Revenue Management
      • Digital Marketing and Social Media
      • Hotel Restaurant and Catering Concepts
      • National Purchasing and Cost Management Program
      • Accounting, Cash and Financial Management
      • Payroll and Tax Services
      • Capital Budget management
      • Insurance and Risk Management
      • Information Technology and telecommunications support
      • Brand Franchise Relations

Hotel Acquisition & Development

It takes a vision with an open mind and a good memory of the hospitality industry when approaching new investment opportunities. Assess risk, manage financial expectations, and always do due diligence. Get to know your customer base and your staff base. Know your competition and be reasonable with market share achievement goals.

      • Due Diligence
      • Rehab / Repositioning
      • Capex plan development
      • Hotel Design and Site plan
      • Underwriting & Debt Sourcing

Project Management

Scope, Budget & Timeline Management is the key to a project delivered according to client’s’ expectations.

      • Architectural Design
      • PIP pricing
      • Debt Sourcing & Underwriting
      • Construction Management
      • Accounting / Budgets, Capital Draws, Vendor Payments
      • Client Communication

Pre-Opening Services

    • Brand Evaluation and incorporation into all aspects of the product delivery.
    • Obtain License, Permits, Insurance (Liability, ABC, W/C, Health – all)
    • Debt Sourcing – Complete service from Idea to Closing
    • PIP Purchasing & Procurement
    • Life Safety / Loss Control System Development & PM scheduling
    • Architectural & Design Services
    • Human Resources – Hiring, Establish Benefits, Design handbook, Payroll Setup
    • Property Condition Report and Scheduling
    • Property Management System Set-up, Training, Revenue Management
    • Marketing Plan Design
KZ Services a division of KZ Hotels